Akpol is an efficient and dynamically developing logistics company. We are able to skillfully combine education and experience with youth and enthusiasm.

For over 16 years of operation, the Akpol company has handled several millions of tons of agri-food products (including oils and molasses) with different ratio of shipment methods and in almost all Polish ports. Each successive year for the company is unequivocal with the development.

Along this time, we have handled several million tones of agri and food products (including vegetable oils and molasses) through almost all major ports and commercial relations in Poland.

As a company, we have been involved from the beginning in several projects at the ports of Szczecin and Pomerania (Gdansk, Gdynia, Kolobrzeg). The many years of our experience in handling commodities has resulted in several logistic, technological and organizational improvements we have provided to our Clients at the Polish Sea Ports. We are precursors in delivering alternative solutions, including the method for handling commodity at the so called "free wharves" - (at available berth regardless if it is fitted with warehouse or not), This ensures efficient execution of export contracts by our Clients.

Our enduring goal is to improve the quality of services as well as logistic and freight solutions allowing to optimized logistics chains so that our customers could gain time and safety, features that are crucial for successful business ventures.